TV20 Meldon Law Scholar Athlete: Thomas Grabow (St. Francis)

Wolves runner star blazes on the track and in the classroom
Thomas Grabow is a track star and rock star in the classroom. He's the TV20 Meldon Law Scholar Athlete of the Week.
Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 7:25 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Running long distances requires patience, stamina, and a strong will. And those are exactly the characteristics Thomas Grabow embodies.

The senior Captain of the St. Francis Catholic High School Wolves Track team finds the sport to be a refreshing change of pace.

“I kinda like the longer races because you can think through it and sort of plan and strategize,” said Grabow. “Leading up to the race there’s that nervousness of how am I gonna do or am I gonna run as fast as I need to, but once you kindaget in it it all kinda settles out. And then at the end there’s that excitement when you can see that time and you can kinda push through, which is kinda what makes it enjoyable.”

But growing up, running was never his thing. Unless, it involved chasing a ball.

“Freshman year I started playing football because growing up that was my favorite sport, and when that kinda didn’t exactly work out I was kinda looking for a new sport, and I had a bunch of friends on the track team and was like “ok” I’ll try to do this to stay in shape, and when I got going with it for a while I kinda fell in love with it.”

From that moment on, Grabow became a standout runner on the team. He competes in the 800 meters, one mile, and two mile events. He’s held the record for the fastest time in the two mile since he was a sophomore. He currently runs the mile in four minutes and thirty seconds, just three seconds off the school record.

On top of his incredible effort on the track, Grabow also goes the distance in the classroom.

He holds a 4.3 weighted G.P.A., and credits his dad for instilling that drive to be great in both arenas.

“My dad always tells me, student-athlete, student first. And if I’m not doing what I need to do in the classroom then kinda the athletics sorta fall. Because it’s a personality that you have to have getting your stuff done and it’s in the classroom and on the track.”

Grabow is also in National Honor Society, is class president, and a student ambassador for St. Francis.

His tireless efforts to accomplish all of this is what his coach marvels at the most.

“His work ethic is awesome,” said St. Francis Track Coach, Maggie McCloskey. “Even during summer, even if he went to Montana he’d be running in the mountains with wild dogs, if he went to the beach he’d be running on the beach, and he’d constantly tell me what was his workout. He’d always adapt to make sure he got the work in.”

Thomas Grabow has demonstrated the ability to be a success on the track and in the classroom, and has rightfully earned the honor of being the TV20 Meldon Law Scholar Athlete of the Week.

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