Ocala man detained by police after burglarizing grandmother’s home

Published: Apr. 1, 2021 at 11:47 PM EDT
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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) - A grandma in Ocala was forced to hide and call police as her grandson trashed her home.

When Ocala Police arrived at the scene, a witness pointed officers to 38-year-old Kevin Ketchum walking down the street.

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They say he broke into his grandmother’s home on SW 31st Avenue by breaking through the sliding door. He then began destroying things in the home.

Ketchum had previously lived at the home until he was evicted and trespassed in February.

BURGLARY OF AN OCCUPIED DWELLING; SCARY DAY FOR GRANDMA Yesterday, Officers responded to SW 31st Avenue in reference to a burglary in-progress. Prior to arrival, the caller reported that she was hiding in a bathroom inside the residence and could hear someone breaking things and yelling. Officers arrived and observed a female standing outside the residence's driveway pointing the officers in the direction of the suspect. Officers Boyer and Boucher tracked down the suspect onto the sidewalk just south of the incident location. The suspect was detained in handcuffs, after which time he was positively identified as the Defendant, B/M Kevin N. Ketchum. Once detained, Ketchum made a spontaneous statement that it was his house and he could get mad and break his own property. Officer Boucher remained with Ketchum while he was evaluated by EMS for a cut to his right hand and while other officers were investigating the circumstances of the burglary. Through the investigation it was learned that the female, who was previously in a relationship with Ketchum and who was still present at the incident location, had been transporting Ketchum to a mental health facility in Beverly Hills, FL prior to the burglary taking place. She stated that while driving, Ketchum directed her to turn down SW 31st Avenue. While approaching the incident location, she said that Ketchum attempted to jump out of the moving vehicle, during which time she had to hit her brakes. The female stated that Ketchum proceeded out of the vehicle and up to the front door of the residence, at which time he actively began trying to kick the front door in. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, Ketchum went around back to the northwest corner of the residence where he completely smashed a glass siding door to gain entry. Once inside the residence the victim, Ketchum's grandmother, locked herself inside her bathroom while Ketchum began causing heavy damage inside the residence. Additionally, the front door was hanging of its hinges and what appeared to be a glass china cabinet or curio in the living room area was also overturned and destroyed. The approximate value of the damage appeared to be well in excess of $1,000. Further investigation revealed that although Ketchum has lived at the location in the past, he was evicted via court order from the location on 02/10/2021. The same document advised that ownership of the residence was turned over to his grandmother after a walk-through was completed. Following the eviction, Ketchum was also trespassed from the location on 02/12/2021. Following the investigation, Ketchum was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail. Great job Officers Boyer, Boucher, and Detective Kern!

Posted by Ocala Police Department on Thursday, April 1, 2021

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