Alachua County Public School staff forced to clean-up the mess after an Easter Sunday party

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 10:49 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - A parking lot at the Alachua County Public Schools District Office turned into an Easter party scene on Sunday. School district staff were forced to clean-up the trash on Monday.

“Our custodians who get here very early were the ones who saw it. We had one custodian who came in. She said there was a lot of trash lying around on our east side of our property and in the front parking lot. Some broken glass, some liquor bottles. She said she filled up two big garbage bags full of trash from the event,” explained Alachua County Public Schools Spokesperson Jackie Johnson. “There were some tracks in our grass parking area on the side.”

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According to Johnson, people in the group were drinking on the property, something they should not have been doing. However, this gathering did not begin at the school district headquarters.

“Chief of Security has already been in touch with the Gainesville Police Department. We understood that this was spilled over from some other event,” according to Johnson.

While they didn’t ask for permission to be on school district property, law enforcement did break up the event. Pastor Karl Anderson, a community activist who works with youth, spoke with some of the people who attended the party as of Monday evening, and he said they were trying to make a statement.

“They feel like they are hassled every time they try to come together. Unlike what their counterparts receive when they get together by UF or other parts of town,” said Anderson.

He doesn’t think it is not a problem for people to gather and have fun, but he believes people need to be responsible. He put a call out on social media to create a dialogue to understand better what happened on Sunday.

“Behind every action, there is a reason,” explained Anderson.

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He said there are good youth and young adults in the community, and this is an opportunity to turn to the teachings of the Bible.

“The Bible says when you come to correct someone, you do it in the spirit of humility,” explained Anderson.

He wants people to remember these three things.

“Do it peacefully, safely, and cleanly,” said Anderson.

Graham Glover, the Public Information Officer for the Gainesville Police Department, said no arrests were made.

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