The Russell Report: More problems from the NCAA and getting rid of the College Football Playoff?

Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 5:56 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Let’s start out today with one of my least favorite subjects...The NCAA

Yep, they’re at it again. Another mind-numbing blunder when it comes to women’s sports and how they are treated. Remember, this wonderful group was roasted recently when it didn’t provide the same weight training and workout facilities for women as they did for the men during the basketball tournaments. And now, some women’s volleyball coaches got upset and for good reason.

When the NCAA volleyball tournament begins this week, the original plan was to have the tournament’s first and second rounds live streamed but with no announcers. When some coaches complained, the NCAA said at first that they were not contractually bound to even broadcast the first and second rounds but ESPN quickly said the entire tournament would be covered.

Can you imagine the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament being broadcast with no announcers? Or the first day of the baseball college world series having no announcers? When is the NCAA going to learn? I know the answer: never.

An idea was floated recently by Tom Fornelli of about scrapping the college football playoff and returning to the good old BCS!

I know what you’re thinking: We should be expanding the college football playoff, not doing away with it! But a closer inspection says maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. Viewership for the playoff games is down; we see the same teams in it all the time and a lot of the games, supposedly with the top four teams in the country, turn into blowouts.

And I’m getting a little tired of the committee meeting and trying to justify the choices it makes and then see all the talking heads...Yes, like me...Debate who should be in or who should be out. According to Fornelli, the average margin of victory in a football playoff game is a whopping 19 points and only 15 points in the BCS. And get this, 57 percent of the playoff championship games are three score margins compared to just 37 percent of BCS games. What does it all mean? Well, the college football playoff isn’t going anywhere but there are definitely problems with that system that need to be addressed.

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