Newberry commissioner wins another term in office, defeating former county commission candidate

Published: Apr. 13, 2021 at 11:46 PM EDT
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NEWBERRY, Fla. (WCJB) - A highly contested Group 4 election in the city of Newberry ended with the incumbent retaining his seat. Commissioner Tim Marden walked away with 487 votes while his challenger Joy Glanzer received 427. In percentages, that equates to 53.3% for Commissioner Marden and 46.7% for Glanzer.

“Newberry is obviously my home. I give it my full support. I’m glad that I was able to earn their support and their vote with my tenure,” said Commissioner Marden.

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Now, he is focused on continuing projects that will help people in the growing city of Newberry.

“We need some diversification with commercial spaces,” explained Commissioner Marden. “I think we are going to get that. I see some things going through the planning and zoning.”

Another project he would like to prioritize is an agriculture and tech park.

“It seems like we are getting a little bit of wind beneath of our sails. Once the IFAS is finished out and the Canterbury is completely converted, I think that will give us a great anchor for the ag-tech park,” said Commissioner Marden.

A lifelong Newberry resident said when she went to vote at the Municipal Building, she voted for change. However, one thing she wants to ensure remains the same Newberry’s small-town feel.

“I want to maintain the small-town atmosphere that we have here. I mean, I’m not opposed to other businesses coming here because we need that. Most importantly, it is to maintain that small hometown atmosphere,” explained Gail Watson.

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Commissioner Marden believes his win is good for the Springs County movement.

“This probably was a little bit of an undertone to the election. I think it bodes well in the future of Springs County for us,” explained Commissioner Marden.

As he looks forward, he wants to make sure the city is in a good position when he hands it off to another set of leaders.

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