“Somebody got busted”: Police discover drugs inside an Ocala home and arrest the homeowner

Published: Apr. 29, 2021 at 11:51 PM EDT
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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) -57-year old Sherrie Holliday was taken into custody Thursday after police executed a search warrant on her Ocala home. On Wednesday, agents with the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team in Ocala searched her house the day before and walked out with drugs. While she wasn’t home at the time of the search police, found a few different drugs and managed to connect them to her.

According to the arrest affidavit, police found a brown powdery substance in two different locations during the search. Those items tested positive for fentanyl. A green leafy substance was also found, and that was determined to be marijuana.

A neighbor who asked only to be identified as Paul explained multiple law enforcement vehicles were outside of Holliday’s home.

“We heard a bang, and we thought it was a gun going off. Then we came out kind of looked around and got in our car and drove out. Then we saw there were all kinds of cars, police cars and everything at this home,” said Paul

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In addition to the fentanyl and marijuana, the report states that a large amount of narcotics and items often used for the sale of narcotics were found in the home.

Neighbors believe a whole lot more was going on there. According to Paul, he heard from other neighbors drugs were being sold at the home.

“They deal drugs there. We don’t know personally, but that was the rumors in the neighborhood, stay away from the home they do drugs,” explained Paul.

Based on what he saw, he believes it was a pretty large operation. However, he had no idea of what was going on because it didn’t impact him.

“The thing that was going through my head was well, somebody got busted,” said Paul.

He has lived in the area for more than six months and said the community is quiet.

“We have a safe community, a quiet community. We never had any situation of violence or theft or anything to my knowledge,” said Paul

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He explains he wasn’t concerned before and isn’t concerned now. Another neighbor that spoke with TV20 off-camera said they did hear a generator and smell plastic burning at that home late at night.

Holliday is still being held in the Marion County Jail on a $9,000 bond on her four charges as of Thursday night.

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