Pop-up state vaccine site in Inglis sees three total COVID-19 vaccines administered out of the 500 shots in stock

Published: May. 3, 2021 at 6:23 PM EDT
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INGLIS, Fla. (WCJB) -Could it be vaccine hesitancy or the fact that the shots administered at the state-run Inglis pop-up vaccination site were not the Moderna, but Johnson & Johnson? That is the question in the minds of leaders in Levy County as the first of three pop-up sites in rural areas of the county saw only three total shots administered.

The site opened at 10 a.m. at the Inglis Community Center located at 137 Hwy 40 West in the town. The shots were initially said to be the Moderna vaccine, but when residents came to the site they were told the only shot available today was the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that has only been re-approved for use in the state since Apr. 24.

Michael White is the Mayor of Inglis, he says that just like residents he was confused as to why the site was advertised to have the Moderna doses.

“Well, I went back there today and thought it was the Moderna and actually it was the Johnson and Johnson. As with any government stuff, it’s kind of confusing to everybody. Somehow we need to be a little more transparent,” said White.

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The Director of Emergency Management in Levy County, John Macdonald, said he wishes there was better turn-out at these rural sites.

“I wish it was a lot stronger turnout but unfortunately it’s not. But, like I said it’s not just this area it’s all over the place that most of my counterparts are saying the numbers are down,” said MacDonald.

Both men said that getting a vaccine is a choice, but MacDonald stressed if you are above the age of 65-years old and have other underlying conditions that it should be a priority.

“I think if anybody for whatever reason or excuse you don’t want to get a vaccine, you really should if you fall into those categories of 65 and older you really should take advantage of these local close areas to get these vaccinations,” said MacDonald.

There will be two more sites available in rural Levy County.

  • Yankeetown, May 4. Yankeetown Townhall, 6241 Harmony Lane. (Johnson & Johnson vaccine)
  • Williston May 5-6. City of Williston building, NW Main St. (Moderna Vaccine)

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