Freedom Week state tax holiday begins July 1st

Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 5:37 PM EDT
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SHELL POINT, Fla. (CAP NEWS/WCJB) - The newest and perhaps most far reaching state sales tax holiday begins on Thursday and lasts for a week.

The new Freedom Week Sales Tax Holiday is in many ways celebrating and encouraging a return to normalcy after the pandemic.

The list of things on which you won’t have to pay tax starting July 1 for a week is long and varied

“That is a first time holiday and its new to everybody, but it provides an exciting opportunity for purchasing things that get people out and about, and embrace all that is good about Florida, whether its outdoor activities, concerts,” said Scott Shalley, President of the Florida Retail Federation.

At Shell Point Beach we showed mom’s Saidy and Carly the list of tax free items

“The fishing for sure. And then the general outdoors, right? Yeah. They got boating,” said Saidy Curtin, reading the list.

“I think the legislature passed it as part of a little bit of a celebration to motivate people to get out and about,” said Shalley.

Sponsors of the legislation said it’s okay to have a little fun, and not pay tax.

“And some of us kinda came up with some ideas that were beneficial for you know, getting Florida open again. Experiencing the outdoors,” said State Representative Bobby Payne.

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Freedom week is also intended to put at least some restrictions of the pandemic behind us

“We need new goggles. And coolers,” said beach-goer Kristen Bolander. “Basically saying, have some fun, go out doors and forget about COVID. I can do that.”

And a man who introduced himself to us as Captain Squirrel made it known he was already living life as if Freedom Week were already upon us.

“There’s more fish than you know what to do with!” Captain Squirrel said.

Starting Thursday, for a week, he won’t have to pay sales tax on a new rod or reel.

You can also plan ahead.

Concert and movie tickets, and even gym memberships are tax free if you purchase them during Freedom week and attend an event before the end of the year.

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