“It is very frustrating”: Dixie County residents are growing frustrated as flooding issues persist

Published: Aug. 20, 2021 at 1:34 AM EDT
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CROSS CITY, Fla. (WCJB) -Frustration over flooding in Dixie County brought tears to some passionate residents at Thursday’s county commission meeting. County leaders are continuing their efforts to fix numerous problems related to the flooding.

Jamie Storey, the Chairman of the board, said they are reaching out to state and federal leaders to help resolve these issues.

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Dozens of people showed up to the meeting to talk about how the flooding is impacting them. An Old Town resident explained she purchased a property and moved to the area from Orlando just a few months ago. However, she said she can’t live on her property.

“It is very frustrating. It is very frustrating. I think the last time a few days back that we went to our property, I just took a few minutes to just cry it out. We had started working on it and planting. Getting it ready for our home. It is pretty bad right now.”

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Storey said he understands the resident’s frustrations as he is dealing with flooding himself.

“I have been here in Dixie County my whole life, the main canal that runs through Dixie County. I have seen it full before, but I have never seen it this full. One end to the other of it is full. It is overflowed. That’s what caused a lot of our trouble. The main canal is overflowed,” explained Storey.

At some points, tensions did run high inside the county chambers. Leaders assured residents they are working toward a solution. One of the efforts includes cleaning out ditches to help the water flow freely.

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Despite the persistent flooding and forecast of rain, the public shelter in Dixie County is closed. According to the counties, emergency services, the American Red Cross pulled their operation over their objections. The shelter at the First District Community Center in Old Town was opened at the beginning of the month and had a handful of families staying there. Anyone who still needs shelter is asked to call Dixie County Emergency Services.

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