“I think it is coming up out of the ground”: Dixie County homes & roads continue to flood

Published: Aug. 23, 2021 at 11:26 PM EDT
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OLD TOWN, Fla. (WCJB) -Dixie County residents are not much closer to resolving flooding problems severe enough to keep some out of their homes.

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Dixie County commissioners said they are working to mitigate the issues related to the extensive flooding in parts of the county, which includes creating a task force to clean out waterways to help the water flow freely. The committee is headed by Commissioner W.C. Mills.

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One of the most flooded parts of the county is the Hammock area of Old Town. In that area, roads remain underwater. On Monday, resident Devon Wilkins said the area wasn’t this flooded a few days ago.

“I think it is coming up out of the ground. I think it is coming back out of the ground. A couple of days ago, this right here, it wasn’t like this,” explained Wilkins.

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Other residents said the water being pumped out of Cross City is traveling down toward the city of Old Town. Now that movement of water is causing some places that weren’t flooded before to become flooded.

The American Red Cross has closed its shelter in the area.

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Officials with Dixie County Emergency Management said the Florida Baptist Convention’s disaster relief mission is now assisting people in the area. Dixie County residents in need of help are invited to call 904-253-0502. The assistance, however, is not being offered for rentals or second homes.

They will ask for contact and location information to send out people to meet with homeowners. The organization is prioritizing residents that are non-insured as they find themselves in greater urgencies.

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