Young women in Gainesville make memorial for fallen soldiers

Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 6:12 PM EDT
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The outpouring of support for the 13 fallen soldiers in the Afghanistan attacks has been demonstrated by businesses, restaurants, their customers, and a group of young women in Gainesville.

Malorie Reynolds, Anabell Miller, and friends saw the attacks all unfold on their phones and TV’s just like we did, feeling helpless and heartbroken.

The attacks hit close to home as they have close friends who are serving in the armed forces.

They decided to express the empathy that they and all Americans are feeling by creating a memorial for the fallen soldiers on the 34th Street wall.

The memorial has the names of all 13 soldiers whose lives were lost in Afghanistan.

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The girls say they “want their names to be heard. We want people to know their names and know what they’ve done for our country. They’ve literally made the ultimate sacrifice for us so that’s just us showing our appreciation in a small way.”

Poignantly, the memorial is next to the tribute to the five lives lost in the Gainesville murders of 1990.

They also want people to know that this is something everyone can get behind, no matter what your political leanings are.

Santa Fe student Anabell Miller says that “everybody’s really into the politics side of it and a big thing was we wanted it to be an American thing, not a political thing. Not at all.”

They say the memorial has received an outpouring of support and thank you’s for creating a tribute to the fallen soldiers.

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