Gas prices trending upwards in NCFL compared to 2020

Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 7:26 PM EDT
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There was no shortage of traffic this holiday weekend and people are paying a lot more for gas.

I spoke with many people both from Florida and out of state who say traveling comes at a price with the increase in gas prices since last year.

Since last September, gas prices have increased nearly a dollar per gallon. Triple-A reports the average price per gallon in Gainesville is $3.02 today versus $2.19 a year ago.

In Ocala, people are paying $3.00 per gallon while prices last year were $2.21. That’s compared to the current national average of $3.18.

I spoke with Jenny Venezia who took her son to visit family in Gainesville over the holiday weekend. She says she took the truck because they could bring supplies to enjoy the outdoors, but that her heart sunk when she realized, again, that it costs 50 dollars to fill up.

She says gas cards have been a way for her to get a noticeable discount.

Jenny explained the gas card, saying “this is a 50 dollar gas card and I only paid 40 dollars for it. So I wait for the coupon that Publix has, and when they run that coupon I go there and use it and I buy a 40 dollar. I only spend 40 for 50 dollars so I’m saving 10 dollars. That’s 20 percent savings which adds up when you’re driving a truck that guzzles gas.”

She also notes that when in the city they drive a more fuel-economic car, but that doesn’t stop her from finding the best way to get a deal at the gas station.

Gas station owner Cadmus McLarty says there are no current trends that expect gas prices to go up a tremendous amount going forward.

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