Pandemic-related shortages causing some pool services to sink

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 6:56 AM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - As we float into fall, a pool service manager is reflecting back on a difficult summer brought on by pandemic-related shortages. Fun Sate Pool Service Manager and Contractor Michael Owen said struggles began the moment the pandemic brought a lockdown.

“Everyone was at home and bored,” said Owen. “If they didn’t have a pool service if they were putting off repairs, they were home looking at it.”

He said he saw a 400% increase in business overnight all while his staff was nearly cut in half. This summer he says understaffing issues are joined with new shortages as essential pool supplies like chemicals, pumps, motors and more are in limited supply.

“Stabilizer we were out for 4 weeks this summer,” said Owen. “We cant get the parts that keep pools running, chemicals have been a bad thing too where most nationally and around the world everyone is talking about stabilizer tablets for pools and everyone’s freaking out because there’s no chlorine.”

With prices for some chemicals quadrupling, Owen said he’s been left with no choice but to raise his prices for the first time in years and has to let go of clients.

“When you’ve been dealing with people who are elderly that you’ve been taking care of for almost half a century. Do you just let them go? You’re just going to let customers go who have been there for this whole time,” Owen added.

This is a trend that can be found across North Central Florida, as the Redpoint apartment complex pool has to be closed for weeks. Staff saying they’re waiting for a new pump on backorder.

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Owen said he hopes this problem gets better before it gets worse.

“It’s unknowing. Any moment now we can be facing complete cut-offs of certain things,” Owen said.

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