Halfway through hurricane season: Why it’s never too early to prepare

Halfway through hurricane season: Why it’s never too early to prepare
Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 8:20 AM EDT
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JONESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - As September marks the most active month of hurricane season, Ace Hardware Stores across North Central Florida are helping people prepare ahead of the next possible storm.

The store manager of the Jonesville Ace, BRad Richard, emphasizes the importance of stocking up early, especially as the pandemic has brought a shortage of many items. He said this summer brought a lot of rain and with it comes increased demand for items from sandbags for flooding to tarps and patch supplies for roof leaks.

“You know tin gets ripped off, shingles get ripped off, a branch falls on the roof. You can cover it with a tarp until you can safely get out there to work on it. That’s where our roof and patchwork supplies come into play,” said Richard. “We have things like flex seal tape which is another popular one for quick fixes in areas where they leak. For heavier stuff, we have the actual liquid roof patches in five gallons and gallon those are going to be used to patch around skylights and stuff like that for where you’re trying to stop a leak.”

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Pool supplies fall into that category, as liquid chlorine and other chemicals can be hard to come by. Other items on the hurricane supply list include lighter fluid, charcoal, batteries, and flashlights.

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