A state representative is proposing change to the Alachua County Commission

Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 6:45 PM EST
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State representative Chuck Clemons is proposing a new motion that could be placed on November 2022′s ballot.

And the new motion concerns the Alachua County Commission and aims to restructure it moving forward.

State Representative Chuck Clemons will bring a motion to Alachua County’s Legislative Delegation tomorrow.

The proposal places five Alachua County commissioners serving individual districts and adds two more commissioners that would serve county-wide, which is what all 5 commissioners do currently.

Representative Clemons says this proposal is a result of Alachua County citizens speaking up.

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Clemons says “there is some disgruntled county residents who think that a single member district would be in the county’s best interest and certainly make them feel more in-tune with their elected leaders and they think that it would hold their elected leaders more accountable.”

However, county commissioners voted unanimously against Clemons’ motion, which will be proposed tomorrow.

Commissioner Ken Cornell says this new form of county government is costly and gives Alachua County citizens less of a voice.

Cornell says Clemons is “proposing a larger county commission that would cost more and have less representation for each of the citizens. The way it is now is every citizen gets to vote for, gets to interact with, and gets a voice with each one of their commissioners and everyone gets to vote for everyone.”

Commissioners also cited that people in the county can bring about this change by way of public comment at commission meetings, through a petition, or meeting with the charter review commission, which meets every 10 years.

Commissioners also claim the bill serves as a distraction from what they want to achieve.

If the motion is added to the ballot, Alachua County citizens will vote on it in November 2022.

You can read the full bill Clemons is proposing below.

Cornell Reponse to KPerry Local Bill 12-6-21 by Lisa Sacaccio on Scribd

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