‘I’ll never get my brother back’: Victim’s family mourns after guilty verdict in 2017 murder in Williston

‘I’ll never get my brother back’: Victim’s family mourns after guilty verdict in 2017 murder in Williston
Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 11:33 PM EST
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WILLISTON, Fla. (WCJB) - The death of James Patterson, 27, from Williston is still fresh for his family members after his killers were found guilty on Friday. Patterson’s sister, Lafaye Patterson, remembers finding him after a home invasion in August 2017.

“I’ll never get my brother back,” Lafaye said.

Justice was served three years later, but James’ life will never return.

“If you have a bad day he’ll cheer you up,” family friend Jasmine Smith said.

“If he telling a story and you not laughing, he gone start lying to fabricate the story to get you start laughing,” Lafaye said.

Jalen Days, 22, is guilty of first degree murder and Andrew Robinson, 21, guilty of manslaughter after breaking into the home in 2017.

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Ramon Patterson was also in the house during the invasion and still has a bullet in his arm.

Lafaye can still hear her mother panicking that day

“Lafaye, get up,” Lafaye recalled. “James and them done been shot.”

She went looking for her brothers.

“Not knowing I’m finna walk outside to my brother homicide,” Lafaye said.

She said she found her little brother Ramon laying on the concrete and James in the back room nearly unconscious and then the unimaginable.

“I remember screaming and crying telling him to get up and I started to dial 911 and I just kept screaming and crying. I was talking to him but he wouldn’t say anything to me.”

She heard his last words.

“The last thing my brother told me was when they brought him out of the wheelchair was I love y’all,” Lafaye said.

RAMON PATTERSON is still alive but his sister said he’ll never be the same.

Lt. Scott Tummond with Levy County Sheriff’s Office said Days and Robinson are scheduled for sentencing next month and will be taken to the Department of Corrections.

“The family of those that were injured and that lost a life will never be repaired even with a guilty verdict,” Lt. Tummond said.

“Everybody that was involved in this Patterson case, I highly appreciate them from the bottom of my heart and it mean a lot to me and my family,” Lafaye said.

After watching a week long trial and hearing the verdict, she still doesn’t know how to feel.

“I wasn’t happy,” Lafaye said. “I really can’t even explain how I felt. My brother gone. He said y’all can take whatever y’all want just don’t hurt me. I want to know why.”

She wants to know why she’ll never hear another laugh from James that she cherished so deeply.

“Long Live JP.”

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