‘None of it was safe’: Lake City woman taken to hospital after trampled during downtown Gainesville shooting

‘None of it was safe’: Lake City woman taken to hospital after trampled during downtown Gainesville shooting
Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 10:43 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - A night out went wrong for a woman from Lake City who was trampled and taken to the hospital when a shooting lit up a concert in downtown Gainesville early Saturday morning.

“Do you see yourself going to any clubs in the near future?”

“No clubs. No concerts, no nothing,” Tina Robinson said.

Tina Robinson traveled from Lake City to see one of her favorite artists, Trina, in Gainesville when her life flashed before her eyes.

“Everybody was like trying to take shelter, next thing I know all I hear is boom boom boom,” Robinson recalled.

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Jacquez Walker, 21, was arrested after he shot at security guards outside of Shiph Lucci’s on West University Ave. over an unpaid cover fee, causing Robinson to get trampled.

“I wouldn’t have never went if I didn’t think it was safe.” Robinson added. “What was going through my mind was what is going on here. All we did was come to a concert and then we were being shoved on the ground, told to get down, people falling on top of us.”

Security guards shot back but they did not have concealed weapons permits.

“Shots came inside the club,” Robinson said. “No one never asked us were we okay.”

Instead of seeing one of her favorite artists, she spent five hours in the hospital and her right side is still sore.

“Going out of town and thinking we’ll have a little piece and enjoy yourself and then this happened? Never again,” Robinson said.

After hearing what happened to Robinson other people said they’re worried about coming to concerts in downtown Gainesville.

“I like to go to the various bars around town,” Gainesville resident Michael Elfer said. “I mean the obvious answer is that it makes me feel a little more unsafe about going to any concerts.”

The State Attorney’s Office will determine what’s next for the security guards who fired shots illegally.

“None of it was safe and I seen my life flash before me,” Robinson said. “I love me. I have grandkids, I got kids.”

Robinson said she is thankful that she is still alive.

While Robinson won’t be going back, she has advice for others.

“To anybody who goes to the club, take precaution,” Robinson added.

She is looking for a lawyer to sue. TV20 tried to get a hold of the people who promoted and organized the concert, and did not hear back.

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