Proposed legislation could change the make up of Fort White

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 7:03 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - State Representative, Chuck Brannan, filed House Bill 1043 which could bring changes and updates to the town of Fort White.

In 2014, town attorney, Fred Koberlein, recognized the Fort White town charter has not been updated since 1957.

Residents attempted to to update the charter through a special election, but the election results were not properly reported by the state.

“The voters of the town, on 4 different occasions have tried to update their charter. Unfortunately, on those four prior occasions, the votes and paperwork were not properly recorded in Tallahassee” said Koberlein.

House Bill 1043 will bring the town’s charter up to date and make changes to the election and voting process.

“The voters have tried to update their 1957 charter and it’s comprised in this one local bill that state representative Chuck Brannan has introduced” said Koberlein.

The 2022 legislative session began this week and goes through March.

Representative, Chuck Brannan, says a local bill will be the easiest way for the charter to be updated.

“It was presented to us in a unanimous manner from the town council. Everybody is supportive of it. It gets their charter in compliance. And this is the most feasible, quickest, economical, easy way to do it” said Brannan.

Town attorney, Fred Koberlein, hopes the bill will be passed in the spring.

It would go into effect immediately.

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