Mystery radio waves coming from space baffle scientists

The leading theory is that it is what’s known as a “magnetar.”
The leading theory is that it is what’s known as a “magnetar.”(ICRAR/Curtin University)
Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 11:47 AM EST
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(CNN) – Scientists aren’t sure what is flashing brightly in outer space.

A doctoral student in Australia discovered some type of spinning object that released giant bursts of energy in 2018. At that time, it was the brightest source of radio waves visible from Earth.

In a new study on the discovery in the journal “Nature,” astronomers are taking guesses at what it might be.

The leading theory is what’s known as a “magnetar.” Those are the remnants of stars that have died, but they usually flare each second.

This object turns on for about a minute every 18 minutes, which no other known celestial object does.

So, it might be a slowly spinning neutron star that astronomers only theoretically believe exist, or it might be something entirely new.

Whatever it is, it’s about 4,000 light-years away, which is considered close in space terms.

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