Loosey’s Downtown in Gainesville donates profit from vodka sales to World Central Kitchen

Loosey’s Downtown in Gainesville donates profit from vodka sales to World Central Kitchen
Published: Mar. 9, 2022 at 6:58 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -Gainesville bar owner, Danny Hughes said he’s doing what he can to support people fleeing from Ukraine.

“And we’ll probably keep doing it as we sell our vodkas, like we’ll just keep giving the money away,” said Hughes.

Every sale from a Russian-made liquor or vodka mixed drink at Loosey’s Downtown in Gainesville is donated to World Central Kitchen. The incentive started in early March and Hughes’ said it started slow. He already donated $500.

“Because it doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t hurt us,” added Hughes. “We still, our servers and bartenders still get to make the sale. They still get tipped. We still pay for our product and then it goes somewhere positive.”

Volunteers with World Central Kitchen arrived just days after the Russian invasion to feed people still in Ukraine.

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“And they were set up in a train station not the outskirts of one of the major cities of Ukraine two days after the first bomb went off,” said Hughes.

A sip from any kind of vodka drink is all it takes to support Hughes’ donation to World Central Kitchen.

“They’re trying to take over the capital,” said customer Felicia Dacasto. “They’re bombing cities, they’re bombing neighborhoods.”

Dacasto said Loosey’s is their favorite spot in Downtown Gainesville and they supported Hughe’s cause with a vodka drink of their own but understands why some have boycotted Russian brands.

“The boycott, I understand because you don’t want to...Russia is doing horrible things and Loosey’s is doing the best thing they can since you’ve already bought it,” said Dacasto. “There’s only.. donating is the best cause that you can do.”

Hughes’ added that profits will be donated until every drop of vodka is sold.

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