Lake City council members delay a decision during nine-month long city manager search

Lake City council members delay a decision during nine-month long city manager search
Published: Apr. 18, 2022 at 11:23 PM EDT
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LAKE CITY, Fla. (WCJB) -Cost remains a point of contention among Lake City council members in their nearly year-long search to fill the role of city manager.

“Because I have not seen in any of the candidates other than the first two we talked that was worthwhile, let’s start over,” said Council Member Todd Sampson.

That was just one of Sampson’s ideas for council members’ city manager search. His first idea was to give the job to previous candidate Glen Adams which didn’t sit well among some others on the dais.

“Rosenthal is Jake Hill jr. choice for the next city manager,” ssid Council Member Jake Hill Jr.

Adams was beat out by Thomas Thomas for the job in January and is currently the city manager of Santa Fe, TX. Sampson motioned to offer Adams $160,000 which got no support. Hill said no candidate is worth that cost.

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“And again, we keep kicking this can down the road, this man is qualified to be the next city manager of Lake City but the thing is people, Mr. Rosenthal skin is the wrong color,” said Hill. “I made that motion and it died.”

Hill also didn’t get support for his candidate of choice, Don Rosenthal who was once Assistant County Administrator in Pasco county.

Sampson said recent candidates haven’t measured up to his standards and blamed headhunter Renee Narloch. He made a motion to fire Narloch & Associates as the city’s headhunter and ask for a refund.

“We’ve had candidates from all races and genders and we haven’t found someone to hire yet which it goes back to what I said about Ms. Narloch, bring us a candidate that’s worth whatever we can pay to hire them,” said Sampson. “I mean if 160 is a problem, let’s offer something less.”

An attempt to fire Narloch & Associates failed so council members have yet another city manager discussion to add to their nine-month long search.

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