Two are hospitalized after a stovetop fire at Carver Garden Apartments

Two people were sent to the hospital to be treated for their burns.
Published: Apr. 24, 2022 at 11:56 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - A stovetop fire broke out at the Carver Garden Apartments, sending two people to the hospital with burns. Neighbors said this incident came as a shock.

“I heard this big boom. It sounded like somebody fell down or somebody had really tackled someone,” said Kayla Wells.

Neighbors said the two victims in apartment 89 were a mother and daughter, after attempting to cook lunch on the stove.

After hearing all of the commotion from her apartment downstairs, one neighbor said she didn’t hesitate to help. She also said 4-year-old’s hair was completely scorched.

“She was burnt in the face, so I immediately took her to the side, unbuttoned her shirt and checked her chest, so she was fine but it looked like, what I would say Elmer’s school glue like peeling up,” said Jones.

Neighbors said it took Gainesville Fire Rescue about 10 minutes to arrive at the scene and Jones said the condition of the mother seemed devastating.

“She was hunched over and she had a blanket over her. At this point her face was black and she had patches of skin like hanging off her arm, hanging off her leg,” Jones said.

Katelyn Wells said she’s the victim’s sister and said this is the second time they’ve had an issue with the stove.

“I just hope my sister...I hope she gets justice. I hope she gets what she deserves cause this is really sad you know and I just would’ve never thought my sister would be in the hospital right now,” said Wells.

Residents of building 10 said they are grateful the fire didn’t spread. “So I could’ve lost my life today, everybody in that building,” said Jones.

According to officials of Gainesville Fire Rescue, this is still an ongoing investigation to determine how the stovetop turned into flames.

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