USDA finds multiple violations at NCFL exotic animal attraction

Published: May. 5, 2022 at 11:03 PM EDT
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MELROSE, Fla. (WCJB) - Single Vision is known for having exotic animals, but a USDA inspection found multiple violations.

Including an obese jaguar and a list of new species that have not been updated for more than two years.

“I can’t go into major details about it because we are under a relicensing and kind of investigation process,” said owner Carl Bovard.

Other violations include a Geoffroy’s Cat with hair loss and more than twenty instances where visitors took images of animals over 12 weeks old without any restraints.

TV20 was not able to take any video inside but was given a tour to see all the animals.

“We’re not hiding anything, we had a vet that actually lives in this neighborhood and she kind of just threw us under the bus. she wasn’t helping us she said she didn’t support us,” said Board.

PETA representatives said inspectors also found a hyena was living at Bovard’s home and that multiple enclosures needed repairs.

Bovard added the docu-series Tiger King has damaged private owners like him.

“With this whole documentary that came out at the beginning of the pandemic has shed a really bad light on people in the united states that are privately licensed to have big cats.”

Tiger King star Carol Baskin herself said Single Vision is on her watch list and said animals six to sixteen weeks old can bite a child’s finger off.

“And yet people will still pay to do those kinds of things and Single Vision holds itself out as a sanctuary, but no sanctuary allows people to have public contact with any wild animals. It’s shocking to be that places like Single Vision still exist and that people still patronize them.”

Single Vision has until May 14 to make those significant changes.

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