Lafayette County residents react to Gov. DeSantis announcing infrastructure improvement funding

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Published: May. 12, 2022 at 11:03 AM EDT
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MAYO, Fla. (WCJB) - Rural counties in Florida will receive millions of dollars from the state for infrastructure improvements.

Governor Ron DeSantis announced nearly 6.5 million dollars in improvements for several Lafayette County services.

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Half a million dollars is dedicated to improving radio communications. Lafayette County Sheriff Brian Lamb said this comes as the agencies communication system is on its last leg.

“With this new system hopefully everyone is on the same page and channels and we will make it through as quickly and efficiently as we can,” said Sheriff Lamb.

The largest chunk of money is 4.5 million. That sum is going to road resurfacing projects in the county. A project many residents, like Vicky Clement, have been requesting.

“It feels great we need it so bad because sometimes we have to drive down the middle of the lanes to not bounce around so much because the roads are in such bad condition,” said Clement.

District Four Commissioner Anthony Adams said this money will help maintain roadways.

“Our roads get a lot of use and abuse but through help of the state we do a good job of maintaining them but through their help we can further enhance our roadways,” Adams added.

Internet access is another issue residents agree needs attention. Through a broadband opportunity program, an additional 400 million dollars will be invested in supporting connectivity in rural parts of Florida.

“We think this will support work force in the economy and also education,” said DeSantis.

The 30 million dollar budget for the states rural infrastructure fund is something DeSantis said he committed to approving.

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