Owner of two Breyer horses “The Flying Gangsters” signed autographs at WEC

Published: May. 21, 2022 at 4:57 PM EDT
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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) - Breyer horses are usually the most famous horses like the ones that win the Kentucky Derby or Olympians and there were two ponies at the World Equestrian Center that also received that honor.

Altogether there are four horses making up the Flying Gangsters.

“We call them the flying because this is Tony Da Pony, and we have Al Capony, Bugsy Maloney and then we have my little mare Kimba,” said owner Mary Phelps.

They compete in the combined driving competition where they earned a gold medal in the World Championships in 2019 in Hungary.

“We got almost a perfect score, and it was the best score of the whole day of the whole division. We won the gold medal of the cones division of the world championships and got to stand on the podium and get a medal around our neck,” said Phelps.

Two of the horses Tony Da Pony and Bugsy Maloney were named Breyer horses and got their own plastic toy figurine. Both adults and kids got theirs autographed by Phelps.

Sharon Byrne the groomer of the horses explains how the whole experience has been.

“It’s really special because Breyer is a big thing so these ponies get noticed. Wherever we go they are the Breyer ponies and they’re the flying gangsters when they’re together with the four.”

All four horses will get to fly on a cargo plane to the Netherlands and compete in another competition very soon.

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