Cedar Key residents protest so-called “bullying” and “harassment” from school administration

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 7:59 PM EDT
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CEDAR KEY, Fla. (WCJB) - Some Cedar Key parents are taking a stand after they say children are being bullied at Cedar Key School, and nothing is being done about it.

The group of protesters is calling on the dean and principal of the school to resign. They said the school’s problems actually go even deeper than just bullying.

Jolene Ashley organized the protest after her daughter was suspended from school two weeks ago, for speaking, what she says, is the truth.

Ashley said her daughter caught the dean and principal in a sexual act.

“The rumor included the dean and the principal in something that my daughter shouldn’t have seen, obviously was not meant to see,” said Ashley.

She said she feels her daughter is being punished for doing the right thing.

“I know the students were told before by the dean if they spoke out about things that go on at the school that there would be consequences, and they’re trying to get her expelled at this point.”

She said since a change of administration, the school has gone from 250 students to 213.

Her daughter, Lacie Morris, said she feels proud that she spoke out.

“It doesn’t matter what your age is, how old you are, if you’re scared or not you need to be able to have the voice to speak out and you need to be able to feel heard,” said Morris.

Levy County Superintendent Chris Cowart said in a statement, “This has been thoroughly investigated by our HR department. It was found to have no merit, and this false accusation is an unfair claim against two people with spotless professional records.”

The protesters started a petition to terminate the dean and principal. They said they plan to bring it to the school board meeting tomorrow to gain more signatures.

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