North Central Florida candidate election qualifying ends

North Central Florida candidates qualify to run for office in 2022
North Central Florida candidates qualify to run for office in 2022(MGN)
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 7:01 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -The deadline for candidates to qualify for this year’s elections ended at noon on Friday and now the ballots are set.

In some places, voters will have several choices, like in Gainesville, where the seat for mayor is crowded.

Current Mayor Lauren Poe is term-limited, and no fewer than nine candidates are qualified to replace him.

Commissioner David Arreola and former GRU General Manager Edward Bielarski are joined by Ansaun Fisher and former Commissioner Gary Gordon. Longtime activist Gabriel Hillel added his name at the deadline, joined by Adam Rosenthal, Donald Shepherd, July Thomas, and current Commissioner Harvey Ward.

The non-partisan race will be decided in the Aug. 23 primary unless nobody wins a majority of the vote, in which case, the runoff would be in November.

The following North Central Florida candidates qualified for the upcoming elections:

Federal & State Elections:

  • Gubernatorial: Charlie Crist (D), Cadance Daniel (D), Nikki Fried (D), Robert Willis (D), Ron Desantis (Incumbent, R), Hector Roos (L)
  • US Senate: Ricardo De La Fuente (D), Val Demings (D), William Sanchez (D), Marco Rubio (Incumbent, R), Dennis Misigoy (L)
  • US Congressional District 3: Danielle Hawk (D), Tom Wells (D), Michael Asensio (R), Kat Cammack (Incumbent, R), Justin Waters (R), Linda Brooks (I)
  • US Congressional District 6: Charles Davis (R), Michael Waltz (Incumbent, R), Joe Hannoush (L)
  • FL Senate District 3: Loranne Ausley (Incumbent, D), Corey Simon (R)
  • FL Senate District 6: Jennifer Bradley (Incumbent, R)
  • FL Senate District 7: Travis Hutson (Incumbent, R), Gerald James (R), Weston Adwell (Write-in)
  • FL Senate District 9: Rodney Long (D), Keith Perry (Incumbent, R)
  • FL Senate District 13: Stephanie Dukes (D), Dennis Baxley (Incumbent, R)
  • FL House District 7: Jason Shoaf (Incumbent, R)
  • FL House District 10: Chuck Brannan (Incumbent, R)
  • FL House District 20: Luis Miguel (R), Bobby Payne (Incumbent, R)
  • FL House District 21: Yvonne Hayes Hinson (Incumbent, D), Hollye Merton (R)
  • FL House District 22: Olysha Magruder (D), Brandon Peters (D), Ty Appiah (R), Chuck Clemons (Incumbent, R)
  • FL House District 23: Tod Cloud (R), Ralph Massullo (Incumbent, R), Paul Reinhardt (R)
  • FL House District 24: Joe Harding (Incumbent, R)
  • FL House District 27: Stan Mcclain (Incumbent, R)

Alachua County Elections:

  • County Commission District 1: Mary Alford (D), Raemi Eagle Glenn (Incumbent, R)
  • County Commission District 2: Charlie Jackson (D), Marihelen Wheeler (Incumbent, D), Ed Braddy (R)
  • County Commission District 4: Ken Cornell (Incumbent, D), Van Elmore (R), Anthony Johnson (I)
  • School Board District 1: Tina Certain (Incumbent), Daniel Fisher
  • School Board District 2: Diyonne McGraw, Mildred Russell (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 3: Raymond Holt Jr., Sarah Rockwell
  • School Board District 5: Kay Abbitt, Prescott Cowles
  • Gainesville Mayor: David Arreola, Edward Bielarski, Ansaun Fisher, Gary Gordon, Gabriel Hillel, Adam Rosenthal, Donald Shepherd, July Thomas, Harvey Ward
  • Gainesville City Commission District 2: Jo Lee Beaty, Ed Book, James Ingle, Michael Raburn
  • Gainesville City Commission District 3: Dejeon Cain, Patrick Ingle, Casey Willits
  • Gainesville City Commission District 4: Bryan Eastman, Christian Newman

Bradford County Elections:

  • County Commission District 2: Larry Davis (R), Kenny Thompson (Incumbent, R), Mark Williams (R)
  • County Commission District 4: Guy Germano (R), Christian Hudson (R), Danny Riddick (Incumbent, R), Patricia Tucker (R)
  • School Board District 1: Sheila Cummings (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 2: Gayle Shuford Nicula (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 5: Lynn Melvin, Erica Mains Reddish (Incumbent)
  • Starke City Commission District 1: Michael Heeder, Danny Nugent
  • Starke City Commission District 3: Shannon Smith
  • Starke City Commission District 5: Randy Crews, Andy Redding, Lex Sanders

Columbia County Elections:

  • County Commission District 2: Rocky Ford (Incumbent)
  • County Commission District 4: Everett Phillips, Toby Witt (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 1: Narragansett Smith (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 3: Cherie Dicks Hill
  • School Board District 5: Zaccheus Paulk, Hunter Peeler, Elizabeth Porter
  • City Council of Lake City District 10: Anna Eversole, Shawn Holmgren, Chevella Young
  • City Council of Lake City District 14: Befaithful Coker, Ricky Jernigan

Dixie County Elections:

  • County Commission District 2: Jaffry Crawl (D), Robert Ashley Donet (D), Shannon Whidden Tompkins (R), Daniel Wood (R), Keith Tuten (Write-in)
  • County Commission District 4: Jamie Storey (Incumbent, R)
  • School Board District 2: Chuck Farmer (Incumbent), Amanda Mills Nessmith
  • School Board District 3: Paul Gainey (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 5: Lucas Jackson Rollison

Gilchrist County Elections

  • County Commission District 2: William Martin (Incumbent, R)
  • County Commission District 4: Adam Elliott (R), Tommy Langford (R), Eddy Lavane Scott (R), Emory James Philman (Write-in)
  • School Board District 1: Christie McElroy (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 3: William Mikell, Jr., Michelle Walker-Crawford (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 5: Deen Lancaster (Incumbent), William David Popp

Levy County Elections

  • County Commission District 2: Rock Meeks (Incumbent, R)
  • County Commission District 3: Clifton Harrell (R), Desiree Mills (R)
  • County Commission District4: Charlene Watson Calvillo (R), Billy Hinote (R), Tim Hodge (R), Laura Mott (R)
  • School Board District 1: Cameron Asbell (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 3: Ashley Clemenzi (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 5: Larry Jones, Devin Whitehurst

Marion County Elections

  • County Commission District 2: Kathy Bryant (Incumbent, R), Gina Capone (Write-in)
  • County Commission District 4: Keith A. Poole (R), Rachel Sams (R), Carl Zalak (Incumbent, R), Brian Christian Donnelly (Write-in), Seth Posner (Write-in)
  • School Board District 2: Lori Conrad, Joseph Suranni
  • School Board District 3: Eric Cummings (Incumbent), Steve Swett
  • School Board District 4: Nancy Thrower (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 5: Sarah James, Taylor Smith

Union County Elections

  • County Commission District 2: Casey Clark (R), Channing Dobbs (Incumbent, R)
  • County Commission District 4: Lacey Cannon (Incumbent), Mac Johns (R), James Rooney Jr. (R), Eric Martin (I)
  • School Board District 1: Chris Hodgson
  • School Board District 3: Curtis Clyatt (Incumbent)
  • School Board District 5: Terra Johnson (Incumbent)

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