Candidates run for District 14 City Council position

Published: Jun. 18, 2022 at 3:05 AM EDT
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Lake City Fla. (WCJB) - The District 14 representative position on the city council in Lake city has been vacant since last year, but two candidates now want that open seat.

Candidates competing for the position District 14 position are Befaithful Cocker and Ricky Jernigan.

Both candidates have plans to improve the city. They are aware the city has not filled its city manager position for a year.

Candidate Ricky Jernigan said " that seat, has been available for such a long time. It should have been filled even though if we have to do it, in-house. We have to get that position filled and we should have gotten it filled by now ”.

Candidate Befaithful Coker said “We are still searching for City management and have seen the waste associated with improper planning and inexperienced leadership. Lake City faces serious challenges and opportunities to redefine its government with a foundation of leaders with the courage and transparency is needed now more than ever ”.

Lake City native Ricky Jernigan has some ideas of what he is planning to do for the city if he is elected.

“We want to review some of the rules and regulations that we have there. If we do that, we wouldn’t go through those things and listen to the people, ” said Ricky Jernigan.

With incumbent Eugine Jefferson stepping down, three candidates qualified for the District 10 seat. There names are Anna Eversole, Sean Holmgren Chevella Young. Election day is August 23rd.

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