Increased beef prices impact one Gainesville butcher

Increased beef prices impacts one Gainesville butcher
Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 8:05 AM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The USDA National Retail Report shows the price of beef is up 15% from this time last year.

Adam Fehrenbacher owns a butcher shop in Gainesville and he said he has had to raise the prices of meat because of inflation and higher transportation costs.

“A business owner never wants to increase their prices, but with inflation and gas prices across the board, every single product that we buy from our napkins to steaks everything has gone up in percentage. At some point that has to be passed on,” said Fehrenbacher.

His business, Fehrenbacher’s Artisan Sausages, has seen increased business since the pandemic because of people cooking at home.

This increase has allowed them to raise prices without it heavily impacting business.

“Our customers have been very loyal to us. They’ve been very good to us,” said Fehrenbacher.

Adam says buying tougher cuts of meat will help save money.

The more tender it is, the more expensive.

He says his prices are comparable to those of chain grocery stores and buying from a butcher will give you a more quality product.

Adam thinks the prices will eventually come down, but not to where they were pre-pandemic.

“I think through the supply chain they have found a way to turn more products and when people become customized to that they are going to have a hard time dialing it back when making these products,” said Fehrenbacher.

Adam has had to stop selling some products, such as duck because with the increase it would not be worth purchasing.

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