Tech Tuesday: Alachua County Emerging Leaders

Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 12:48 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - In this week’s Tech Tuesday, our friends at UF Innovate and SCAD Media introduce us to a local organization for young professionals, Alachua County Emerging Leaders. The group’s members can partake in a variety of activities that benefit both the community and themselves.

Hi, happy Tech Tuesday. I’m Sara Dagen with UF Innovate and I’m subbing for Lauren Asmus. Today’s guest is part of an organization in Alachua County that is seeking to help young people and the young at heart excel. Marc Lefton is going to chat with us about what his organization can offer you. Welcome, Marc. Thank you so much for joining me. Can you tell me what ACEL is and what it does?

Sure. Thanks for having me, Sara. ACEL stands for Alachua County Emerging Leaders. It’s a 17-year-old nonprofit young professionals’ organization that helps keep our members connected, informed, and involved in Alachua County. And we do this through social events, professional development events, opportunities to get involved in the community through volunteering and fundraising, and helping influence public policy.

That sounds great. You have an event coming up, right?


Can you tell me some more about that?

So the board is basically elected by our members. So our fiscal year ends at the end of June. And so for the first time in three years, because of the pandemic we’re having our annual dinner. And at the annual dinner, our board has nominated our new slate of board candidates and our members will vote to elect that board. And Mitch Glaeser who actually helped found ACEL 17 years ago is going to speak about the history of the organization. Working on a couple of other guest speakers and it’ll be a really cool event. Back in the day, it was basically like the prom for young professionals, everyone dresses up, it’s a big fancy dinner, and we use it to celebrate our year and talk about what we have coming up.

Can you tell our viewers how they can find out more about ACEL?

Sure. To find out more and possibly join us. You can look us up at

All right. Thank you so much. And that’s a wrap. Another Tech Tuesday for the books. Stay tuned and come back next week.

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