“They’re having a hard enough time feeding themselves much less a pet”: Need for pet food donations ramps up amid inflation

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 11:16 PM EDT
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HAMPTON, Fla. (WCJB) - While inflation is impacting people in many parts of their lives, not only humans are taking the heat, pets are too.

“I’m not feeding their animals the whole month I’m just supplementing it, but it’s something,” said Tina Meng Brown.

Since 2017, Brown has collected donations of pet food and supplies to give to people in need, but she has never been as busy as she is now.

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“Last month we delivered to 18 families. Sunday, yesterday, we delivered to 32, and then I did 11 more today and I’m doing 8 more tomorrow,” she said.

Brown said inflation has without a doubt taken a toll on pet owners, but she hopes her work means people won’t have to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets.

This comes as animal shelters in Bradford, Alachua, Putnam, and Marion Counties are all over capacity.

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“When they try to surrender to the shelter and they’re told they’re full, that’s when I get a call.”

Brown said she only asks if they need dog or cat food, the size of their animals, and their address to deliver it.

“I don’t ask their income it’s none of my business.”

Arthur Baker, who lives in Hampton, said if it wasn’t for Brown’s generosity, “I wouldn’t have these monsters I got here. I wouldn’t know where they’d end up.”

Baker and his wife used to run a small rescue, but after his wife died and his health took a turn for the worse, he turned to Tina Brown.

“She went, I couldn’t even tell you, like I said, above and beyond. She found homes for our animals, the animals we had found,” said Baker.

Brown delivers the donations on the third Sunday of every month.

If you’d like to donate, you can mail donations to: PO Box 1331 Starke, FL 32091

You can also click here to send a monetary donation.

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