Lake City District 10: Three candidates are competing for one city council seat

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 11:23 PM EDT
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LAKE CITY, Fla. (WCJB) - Chevella Young has been a resident of Lake City for 31 years. 

She said she’s witnessed the city’s growth but believes her ideas can improve parks and recreation. 

“I’m very serious about our children, our parks, and recreation of course we can always bring them up to standard,” said Young. 

Young previously worked at the Richardson Community Center and firmly believes in the addition of recreational events.

One of her biggest issues is infrastructure in Lake City. 

“Our drainage system, our water system, we have much trouble with that,” stated Young. 

She also said a big problem is a spike in crime. Young said a relationship with the community and police can decrease crime. 

“Murders, gun violence in our city, and we’re not fond of that we’re not happy about that,” said Young. 

While Chevella Young advocates for a resident-to-police relationship, Anna Eversole said gun violence may decrease if security is implemented in parks.

“We need the cameras, we need more presence from security, and police to make the children safe,” said Eversole. “So they can go play in the park and not have to worry about gunfire.”

Candidate Anna Eversole has been a resident of lake city since a young age.

She’s volunteered at multiple charities and school programs. 

Eversole said her number one priority is children’s safety.

“Ordinance is put in place that everything is done open and transparent,” stated Eversole. 

Building trust with residents is essential for Eversole.

She said accessing public records should come easy for people. 

“Taxpayers deserve to know where their money is being spent,” said Eversole. 

Eversole also plans to increase law enforcement and security in Lake City parks.

Candidate Shawn Holmgren has similar views on safety in the community but believes firm management will lead the city to a brighter future.

“If we stabilize the management of lake city, as we go through some of these other programs, and some of these other issues, we’ll have the insights from experts that have that municipal background,” stated Holmgren.

Holmgren said his background in aerospace has led him to strive for additional STEM programs in schools.

“I’ve got an interest in seeing the boys and girls club revive,” stated Holmgren. “And to implement some STEM programming.” 

He’s worked with Make-A-Wish, family services, and other non-profit organizations.

Holmgren aims to increase education and activities for children in lake city. 

“Young development and recreational programs where we can kind of steer people into having a healthier lifestyle,” said Holmgren. 

Holmgren aims to implement security cameras in parks and recreation, which is one of all three candidate’s priorities.

Primary elections are on August 23rd.

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