Russell Report: Changes to come to sports broadcasting and different leagues

Russell Report: Changes to come to sports broadcasting
Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 6:51 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Something happened recently that could end up making a loud noise in the college football and basketball world. ESPN pulled out of negotiations with the Big 10 to broadcast football and basketball games so now it looks like a combination of FOX, CBS and NBS will get those rights. That would end a 40-year partnership with ESPN. The Big 10 is poised to be the first conference to sign a billion-dollar rights deal. If Notre Dame ever wants its independent status and to join the Big 10, it could do so with one of the networks, NBC, that already televises its games. Remember, beginning in 2024, the sec goes from CBS to ESPN. Yep, even more changes on the college football landscape.

Who could benefit the most from this change? The good old PAC 12, which seemed on the verge of extinction after USC and UCLA jumped ship but the league now could be resuscitated if it can get its games on ESPN to fill the void left by the Big 10′s departure. If you think expansion and teams changing leagues is over, well, let’s just say I’m not convinced of that. Deion “Prime Time” Sanders sure threw some “slime time” at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Deion says he can’t recognize the hall anymore, because too many players, not of his caliber, are in it. He says, modestly, that he’s better than most of the players in the hall and that there should be a separate tier in the hall for the better players like him. He says his head doesn’t belong with the other heads in the hall and that his jacket has to be a different color than the other players he deems not as good. He even says he needs to be in a different room too, a room for players who truly changed the game. Ok, I get it, is Abraham Lincoln a better president than Millard Fillmore? Of course, but Fillmore is still a president. You can argue perhaps that football lets too many people in every year. They have a set number, while the Baseball Hall of Fame won’t let anyone in if the 75% threshold for votes is not met. I kind of like any shade of color for him, because he threw big-time shade at the hall and the other people in it.

I’m not a big golfer, perhaps because I’m not any good at it, but what’s going on between the PGA and the new LIV Golf is fascinating to me. Look, players in any league have every right to leave as a free agent to make more money, but what three LIV golfers filed suit to do makes no sense to me at all. They filed suit to play in the FedEx cup playoffs, a PGA-sponsored event. Say what? In what universe do players who leave one league for another come back to play in their former league just because they want to? Can you imagine a player leaving the NFL to play in the USFL back in the day just because his former team made it to the Super Bowl? Nice try boys but you can’t have it both ways. You opted for the money, now take Steve Miller’s advice and take the money and run!

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