Russell Report: Gator hope to bounce back against USF after losing to Kentucky

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 5:11 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The Gator football team plays the University of South Florida this weekend but today the team may be still licking its wounds after a home loss to Kentucky Saturday night. People just don’t believe Kentucky is good; they are. Not flashy, not a lot of superstars but a solid, well-coached team that makes enough plays to win. On this night, their game plan defensively was outstanding, not allowing quarterback Anthony Richardson to be an effective runner and Florida wide receivers seemed to have a hard time getting open. Why can’t people understand that as much huge potential that Richardson has as a quarterback, he’s not there yet, not by a long shot? He wants to win, he works his tail off but I keep saying and will say again he is a highly inexperienced player at his position and it showed Saturday against an excellent SEC defense. He even said postgame that he is supposed to be a quarterback and throw the ball and that’s one reason he didn’t run as much. Hopefully, he will learn quickly but on-the-job training in the SEC isn’t easy.

Ok, so Florida lost to an SEC team but how about Texas A&M losing to Appalachian State? If there is a coach on the hot seat in the SEC this year it is certainly one Jimbo Fisher. What exactly has he done to earn the amount of money he’s making at that school? Ok, you beat Alabama but overall his record is eerily similar to his predecessor Kevin Sumlin who was fired for not winning enough. For all the great recruiting Fisher has done, the supposed quarterback whisperer can’t seem to find or develop one. And his offense, what he’s known for, has been to be kind, not good. There’s a long way to go in the season and SEC play for the Aggies hasn’t started but folks in College Station must be wondering if the investment the school made in Fisher was worth it.

Speaking of Appy State, the win over Texas A&M is no fluke. They narrowly lost to North Carolina last week, and in the last few years they’ve knocked off South Carolina and North Carolina. And according to ESPN, they have been tied or ahead of Power Five opponents in the fourth quarter in eight of the last 10 games they’ve played against them. And how about the Sun Belt Conference as a whole last weekend? Besides Appy State, Marshall beat Notre Dame, Georgia Southern beat Nebraska. Love it when those conferences rise up and knock off the big boys; it’s what makes college football special.

Gotta end with baseball after rule changes for next year were approved that will implement such things as bigger bases, a first-ever pitch clock, the removal of the shift, and a limit on how many times a pitcher can throw to first base with a runner on. All this has been done to speed up the game. The beauty of baseball used to be there was no clock associated with it but times change and fans don’t want to watch four-hour marathon games. These rules won’t help stop the rising number of strikeouts, but it should speed up the game and hopefully bring more fans. The changes were needed. I’m Steve Russell, that’s the Russell Report!

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