‘There’s always that struggle’: Low unemployment rates continue to drop in North Central Florida

Published: Sep. 16, 2022 at 11:03 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Low unemployment rates continue to drop even lower in North Central Florida.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reports that in Alachua County, the unemployment rate dropped 0.1%’ from July to August.

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Curle has been working at Scuola food truck for a month and said although there’s sufficient staffing in his job, they are not surprised about the numbers.

“The biggest deal is, trying to give people just the shifts that they need, and then add a competitive wage is just really I think, what this business does,” stated Aaron Curle.

Florida’s unemployment rate might be about as low as it can go, as it remained at 2.7% in August.

Some business owners told us how they are able to stay afloat even during labor shortages. They said employee-to-manager relationships are key.

“If you pay them what they’re worth, they’re gonna stick around and they’re going to remain loyal to your business,” shared owner Corey Hudacko.

Since the pandemic, they’ve seen witnessed the struggle to recruit at a county level.

“I think just kind of, getting back out in the workforce was a lot for other people,” said Hudacko. “You gotta give people incentive to work, unfortunately, that’s just what we see right now.”

They said social media has contributed to their business’ sufficient staffing.

“If they’re not seeing the help wanted signs on the doors, they’re not going to want to apply. If their marketing isn’t strong on social media, they’re not going to know, these jobs are out there,” stated Hudacko.

Other business owners told TV20 they have felt the low-staffing impact, but hope to recover quickly.

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