TV20 Meldon Scholar Athlete of the Week: Xavier Ayala-Vermont (Buchholz)

Ayala-Vermont averages a 42 for 9 holes and holds a 4.89 GPA.
Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 6:51 PM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Competing against yourself has its pros and cons, but for Xavier Alaya-Vermont, Golf is the ultimate challenge.

“I tried every sport under the sun,” said Buchholz senior boys golfer Xavier Ayala-Vermont. “Golf made me happy everyday. People think there’s no defense, but everything’s here. The golf is such a mental game, where you have to pick and choose your battles and your strengths to choose over your weaknesses.”

Ayala played baseball for most of his youth and also has a love for motorsports, but his love for golf came from spending time on the links with loved ones.

“Well, my whole family plays golf. Everybody from my dad has always played golf. My brother played varsity golf at P.K. Yonge, my sister swings the club and what really attracted me is my whole family has a community sense around it.”

Ayala-Vermont has played on the Bobcats golf team all four years. He averages 42 for 9 holes. His coach has an immense respect for Ayala-Vermont’s honesty for the game.

“Calling penalties on yourself, being willing to say I messed this up, I gotta take a one-shot penalty because my ball’s gone, he does that all the right way,” said Buchholz boys golf coach Ryan McNickle. “So, it’s great to see from someone his age.”

As far as academics, Ayala-Vermont needs no mulligans. He has a 4.89 weighted gpa, which ranks him in the top-15 in his class. He really wants to go to Harvard, but also has Brown and M.I.T. on his list colleges he hopes to attend. He has accomplished all this despite being deaf. However, he doesn’t let that challenge hold him back.

“There’s a whole bunch of technologies now, where it’s not really an excuse for me because I know I can overcome because anything you can do, I promise, I can do, too. I really push myself hard. That’s how it is in my family. We strive to be the best and the best. These hearing aids won’t hold me back.”

Ayala-Vermont also runs a charity organization called “Race to Hear” which teaches kids about mechanical engineering through motor sports. It’s Ayala-Vermont’s way of giving back to kids and exposing them to his passion of mechanics and motorsports. The organization helps raise money for the hearing impaired.

You can check out the organization’s website and donate to their cause by clicking here.

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