‘He didn’t deserve it’: Inmate’s family members claim the 24-year-old’s death could’ve been prevented

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 11:18 PM EDT
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24-year-old Caleb Fink was an inmate at the Alachua County Jail.

Officials say fink was found dead in his cell this past Tuesday afternoon. 

However, his sister Nancy Barnes, who lives in North Carolina, said she believes there’s more to this story after hearing three different versions of it from officials. 

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“They don’t tell anybody that three days prior to finding my brother, he asked for help,” claimed Barnes.

Barnes said the report concluded Fink committed suicide. She said three days prior, he went to the jail guards over threats he was facing. 

“Threatening him and stuff like that, so why did they leave my brother in that pod? Instead of just keeping his cell locked all the time, why didn’t they move him to a different pod?” shared Barnes. 

Caleb Fink was sentenced in August of this year for violating his probation related to charges of drug possession. Barnes said he would have been done serving his sentence in nearly two weeks.”

“He was a momma’s boy and that’s all he wanted. He wanted to get out and be able to see his mamma,” claimed Barnes.

We reached out to Alachua County Sheriff’s office about these allegations and they said they aren’t able to comment until the investigation is complete and they are able to release the findings.

“It’s not right. They may be in jail but they’re not animals, they’re people too,” 

stated Barnes.

Barnes said the family has hired a lawyer.

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