We really dodged a bullet’: Residents in Cedar Key feel relieved after Hurricane Ian shifts

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 11:13 PM EDT
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CEDAR KEY, Fla. (WCJB) - Cedar Key residents felt winds and rain by the coast but were prepared.

“It took us 4 hours, 5 hours to empty my office oh my goodness, now we have to put it back,” said resident Nickie Ricker. “I’m hoping it doesn’t flood.”

The water receded at the shoreline. Hurricane Ian pushed the water out of the beach area, leaving lots of sand in its place. Rucker said the region would have been able to handle Ian.

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“It would’ve been better if it hit this direction,” said Rucker. “We’re so rural, the small towns and fishing villages know what to do, know when to leave. I think thousands of people are going to lose their homes.”

Despite the rain and heavy winds, workers at a bed and breakfast told TV20 us they never let their guard down. They said they’re prepared and ready to face any circumstances.

“We definitely have to take those precautions,” said resident Heather Greenwood. “We really dodged a bullet. It’s a blessing. If it would’ve hit Cedar Key as a category 5, it could’ve been catastrophic.”

Roads were empty as people took the necessary precautions and stayed indoors.

“I’m relieved. I truly am,” stated Greenwood. “It’s a blessing with all these families and all these businesses here. They all work so so hard ad it’s such a tight niche community, that I’m just relieved.”

Homes have shutters up, and sandbags are near the entryways, as the hurricane was at one point set to impact this area, but shifted.

“We have already prepared because we were preparing for a full-on hurricane so at this point, it’s just waiting and seeing where the water goes,” shared Greenwood.

They hope those actually facing the fury of the storm— have a plan set in place. 

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