‘It’s very sad’: Neighbors outraged after a Putnam County mother exposes her toddler to fentanyl

Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 11:28 PM EDT
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INTERLACHEN, Fla. (WCJB) - Jessica Martinez, of 39, was arrested after giving candy to her two-year old toddler that she said, was covered with fentanyl.

The child’s grandparents said the toddler became lethargic after eating the candy.

“The child was passing out, in and out of consciousness, in the grandmother’s arms upon the arrival of our deputy sheriffs,” shared Colonel J. Wells, PCSO Chief Deputy. “The grandmother provided some information that she believed that this may be the result of contact with narcotics.”

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A deputy gave the toddler Narcan to treat the overdose.

“In a 2-year old child, that tiny little body who has never ingested any of that, their tolerance is at zero. That’s exactly what happened,” shared Colonel J. Wells, PCSO Chief Deputy.

The child was taken to the hospital for observation and was released. Residents who live nearby, are outraged about the exposure and worry about their own children.

“I have three of my own,” stated neighbor Ginger Miller. “What if my kid was to be walking down the road and finds some candy in a bag and try to eat it?”

As deputies arrested Martinez, she told them fentanyl was her drug of choice and she had used the drug before seeing her child.

“It’s hard for me,” shared Miller. “My brother just passed away from this stuff and it’s hard to even talk about somebody going through drugs, especially a baby getting a hold of them.”

Putnam County sheriff’s deputies charged Martinez, with child neglect. Neighbor Miller said hearing about the arrest doesn’t surprise her.

“I know they’re probably trying to get this stuff off the streets, I feel like we should probably try a little harder,” stated Miller.

Martinez is being held at the county jail with no bond after she previously failed to appear in court on another charge.

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