Parents outraged after two teens accused of sodomizing another boy return to school

Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 6:26 PM EST
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WILLISTON, Fla. (WCJB) -Marion County Sheriff’s deputies reported that the students involved in violating another boy, attend Williston Middle-High school but the incident actually happened in Marion county.

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According to several parents, two eighth graders sodomized a sixth-grade boy with a pipe, recorded it, and posted the video on social media.

Miranda Stewart, whose children attend Williston Middle-High, said she doesn’t agree with Levy County school’s decision to allow the teenagers back to school. The superintendent released a statement saying the teenagers will be kept separate for safety.

Many parents were outraged by the decision and threatened to withdraw their children.

“It’s going to affect the way people view you as a school board to say this didn’t happen here and I understand innocent until proven guilty and all of that but if there’s an investigation, they don’t need to be going to school,” said Stewart.

Stewart said she’s been vocal on social media after the families of the teens accused have been trying to cover up the incident.

“They didn’t want it to go out, they wanted people to delete the social media, they wanted people to delete the Reddit and things like that,” said Stewart. “It shouldn’t be something that’s quiet, this is something that affects everybody who has a child that attends Levy County, obviously not every school but the middle-high school clearly.

“I had questions about it and my children expressed to me that they did not want those children to come back to school and that they felt it was wrong and that those boys should be held accountable. So, I was like somebody obviously needs to say something or do something to make this known because they were kind of sweeping it under the rug.”

Deputies told TV20 they’ve interviewed hundreds of students and hope to release more details soon.

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