“It makes me sick to my stomach”: Rainbow River neighbors react as Williston teens face sexual assault charges

Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 6:36 PM EST
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DUNNELLON, Fla. (WCJB) - People who live on the Rainbow River are in shock after two teens from Williston were arrested for sexual assault.

After a month-long investigation, Marion County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 13-year-old Ty Dean and 14-year-old Caidyn Williams, for sexually assaulting a teenage boy in a home across from the river.

“It actually makes me sick to my stomach,” said Linda Outten, neighbor.

The incident happened on October 29th down a dirt road in a home just north of KP Hole Park.

According to a report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Dean sodomized the victim with a metal rod while Williams held the victim down.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office confirmed that a third teen was involved in this crime, but that a judge has not issued a warrant for that person’s arrest.

“It’s been suppressed up in Levy County because that’s where they’re from, that’s where they live,” said Outten. “I just feel as though if I had a child in that school I would want a lot swifter action.”

The suspects go to Williston Middle High School.

According to parents, before they were arrested, Levy County School District officials allowed the suspects back in school.

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“They’re still around other teens. That would not make me happy if I had a child that was going to that school,” said Bud Bowley, Dunnellon resident.

TV 20 knocked on the door of the home where the incident happened, but no one was home.

“I feel that they should be prosecute to the full extent of the law because they don’t need to grow up and continue this kind of pattern of behavior,” said Outten.

Both Williams and Dean are now in juvenile detention centers.

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