Residents react to GPD’s report cards to reduce car burglaries

Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 6:48 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -Many residents are upset about bright orange vehicle safety report cards left on cars and trucks throughout the city by Gainesville police. The cards are meant to encourage drivers to lock their doors and avoid leaving valuables in their cars during the holiday season.

Gainesville PIO David Chudzik said the report cards are part of the “Gainesville united plan” meant to curb violence and crime in the community.

“The first question people are going to have is oh my gosh am I getting a ticket when they see an officer hovering over their windshield,” said Chudzik. “With these recent car burglaries, this is a great opportunity to let people know that this is going on in their community, we’re trying to stop and this can help us out.”

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Officers are checking for things that could possibly alert a thief however many residents feel the cards might attract crime instead.

“People could see the yellow little signs and if someone failed they could know that the car is open and that could be a little scary,” said Resident Jazzmine Falloon. “I see that it could also attract the wrong kind of attention in sense so maybe they could find another way.”

On the back of the report card is a list of things officers check for that they feel will make your car easily accessible to theft. Things like unlocked doors or even loose change in cup holders are a few things on the checklist.

Officers will fill out the orange cards with a pass or fail check box to let the driver know if their vehicle is safe but many residents feel the cards might attract unwanted attention.

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“The important thing to remember is that if you’re doing a great job we’re going to also put that on your car and let you know so you can go into a parking lot and see 40 cars with these orange cards on them,” said Chudzik. “But just letting you know if you’re doing a great job or you can do a little better.”

Dagan Marriott said he’s had his car broken into before and thinks the report cards are beneficial

“I mean it might but it seems like if you’re following the things on here, it really shouldn’t be any issue for you,” said Marriott. “I think it’s more educational than it is targeting. So I think it’s cool.”

Officers haven’t said how cards they will give out over the holiday season so, remember to lock your doors and take your valuables.

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