A veterinarian raises money for a horse rescue by living in a horse stall

Published: Jan. 11, 2023 at 9:59 PM EST
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OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) - Since noon on Monday, veterinarian Dr. Bryan Langlois has been living in a horse stall.

It’s all a part of a fundraiser for PARR which rehomes, rehabilitates and rescues horses.

“A lot of people are always looking for different ways to raise money and I’ve been known to do some crazy things before so I figured if I can suffer in a horse stall for a couple of days,” said Dr. Langlois.

PARR moved its operation to Ocala from Pennsylvania and people with the organization and Langlois said they need money now more than ever.

“With food prices and hay prices being much higher and now taking in more in-depth or special needs horses at times, especially ones that are going to be with a rescue forever the money is needed now more than anything.”

Marc Stoner is a volunteer he explained what it’s like to work with the horses.

“I was kind of on the wrong path for a lot of years in life and they helped me just as much as I help them.”

Aleesha Mendez is also a volunteer and joined PARR in 2019, a few months after her husband died.

“My favorite part is just loving them and seeing the affection that they never got,” said Mendez.

With just a blowup mattress, a chair, a computer, and fruits and vegetables Langlois added that the living conditions aren’t so bad.

“It’s kind of like camping in a little bit more of a rustic way.”

Now he can help speak for the horses.

“The little bit of suffering that I have to endure to make people more aware of what they do is really nothing compared to what some of the horses they take in have gone through in their lives.”

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