Dunnellon brothers arrested after neighbor finds dead dog hanging from a fence

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 10:12 PM EST
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DUNNELLON, Fla. (WCJB) - A resident of SW 47th St. in Dunnellon called Marion County sheriff deputies and said he noticed a large brown Doodle-type dog was hanging off of his fence.

“It should have never happened that was my first reaction it should have never happened, but it did and it’s just another one,” said SPCA of Ocala president Lilly Baron.

Deputies went to the home next door where brothers 24-year-old Kane Beebee and 19-year-old Dakotah Beebee lived. They said they were watching their aunt’s dog and its name is Ginger.

They stated Ginger had been outside on a chain since 7am and they don’t give her food or water until bringing her in for the night.

“Usually what goes through our mind first is something could have been done someone saw something before it got to that point,” said Aspen Olmstead from Quality of Life Rehab & Foster.

Investigators said Ginger was outside for almost ten hours without care and she tried jumping over the nearby fence but her collar got caught leading to her death.

Baron added that the animal abuser registry needs to go statewide.

“Cause these guys even if they go on the Marion County animal abuser registry they can go over the county line and still have an animal.”

On Monday, an animal cruelty task force was created which includes Marion County. Their goal is for law enforcement and other organizations to work together to investigate these crimes.

“The benefit there is that these people will be held accountable. Other animal abusers will see that their actions will be something that is pursued,” said Olmstead.

Both brothers were charged with felony animal cruelty, but have since posted their $2,000 bond.

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