Thornebrook Gallery in Gainesville closing after 41 years

The store’s owner says he will continue selling his art online despite closing the store’s doors
The store’s owner says he will continue selling his art online despite closing the store’s doors
Published: Feb. 18, 2023 at 5:06 PM EST
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - After 41 long years, Thornebrook Gallery in Gainesville celebrated its final day as a brick and mortar store.

“I have enjoyed what I do everyday for 41 years and letting that go is not easy,” said the gallery’s owner, David Arrighi. “But I’m able to move on and do some other things that I’ve been looking forward to, so it’s up and down.”

The store has been commemorating its closing for two weeks now, though this day has been planned for more than two years.

“It’s been amazing,” said Arrighi. “The last two weeks have been nothing but. So many of the customers that I’ve worked with for so long have stopped by to tell me their feelings about the gallery and how they’ve enjoyed it.”

One longtime customer is sad to see another Gainesville small business close it’s doors.

“Just the friendliness of a small establishment like this,” said Karen Klubertanz. “David is just a connoisseur of the arts that he works and deals with...It does make me sad because there doesn’t seem to be much following in their footsteps. Everything is a little more plastic, a little more big box.”

Though the gallery store itself will be closing its doors, its owner says that he will not stop selling the work that he has loved collecting for 41 years.

“I’m gonna keep my website and that’s easily accessible,” said Arrighi, “and I’ll be able to put some time into it. Right now, it’s just a website and I need to get some personality into it, and to help people understand why I think that the pieces that I carry are important, or well made, or what it is that’s special about them.”

Arrighi also says he is building a workshop at his house to continue his framing business, but shared what he will miss most about the day-to-day of running the store.

“My people,” said Arrighi. “I have had such good relationships with so many people over so long, that not seeing them on a regular basis is gonna be tough.”

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