HOMETOWN HERO: Carjie Scott is helping students in Gainesville strive for higher education

Published: Jul. 4, 2023 at 7:16 AM EDT
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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - “Often times the college chooses the student but I want the student to choose the college they want to go to” said Cargie Scott and this one of many reasons that she began the Education Equalizer Foundation in 2021.

“Our goal was to help 20 students with college preparedness that includes college apps, FAFSA, SAT and ACT prep, etc. We actually helped 100 students in the past year and a half” said Scott.

Education Equalizer works with middle through high school students and their families to simplify the college admission process and go over scholarships.

Scott is a first generation high school and college grad, so she has a passion to help minority and other first generation students get into some top schools. “Our students have been accepted to The University of Florida, and their honor program, Princeton University, Tennessee State, Edward Waters. Some have gotten full scholarships to Livingstone and our Princeton scholar got a full ride”

Volunteers say that the students reactions to getting into these top schools make all the hard work worth it. “For students to be able to see all there hard work was not in vain, all the sacrifices are not in vain and here is the fruit of it all. To see students crying or screaming or calling friends and family saying I did it” said project manager for scholarships, Nasseeka Dennis.

Not only does Education Equalizer help admit students into college but they also equip them with skills to stay in college, graduate and eventually join the work force.

Scott also teaches college success at Santa Fe college, hosts a radio show on power station 92.1 and is a member of Greater Betel AME church.

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