Landon Harrar

News Reporter
Landon Harrar

Landon had a different childhood than most as he spent most of his life before high school in Papua New Guinea. He graduated from High school in Lancaster Pennsylvania and attended a trade school for broadcasting in Maryland before obtaining a 4-year degree in communications at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Excited to start his new adventure as a news reporter he packed everything into his two-door Toyota Celica and moved 1800 miles to Wyoming where he spent two years as a bureau news reporter for KCWY13. There he covered all kinds of stories including being on the front line of forest fires, delving into Native American Reservation Politics, and even once driving a 60-tonne tank for a news story about a private collection turning into a U.S War Museum. Landon loves to try new things whether its food, outdoor adventures or just turning on an independently made movie hoping for the best. He's excited for all the opportunities in Gainesville, and of course not having to deal with winter temperatures of -25 and below. He is an avid sports fan and cheers on every professional Philadelphia team in all four major sports. A lover of seafood and weird flavors he loves to cook and experiment with ingredients he's not even sure what they are. He has one pet, a very old and sassy black cat named midnight.

  • Bachelors degree in communications from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania