GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - An organization called “Plenty of Pitbulls” hosted a fundraiser at First Magnitude Brewing Company.

They invited residents to bring out their four-legged friends to drink, eat, and donate to support the organization. For 11 years, the company has fostered more than 1,000 Pitbulls and has found loving homes for many.

The organization hopes to raise money to cover medical bills, food, and pet maintenance but also to beat pitbull stereotypes.

Volunteer board member Blanca Carbia said that people shouldn’t judge a dog because of its breed and that everyone should be aware of what type of temperament their dog has.

“Many breeds that are not bull mixes have issues with temperament,” said Carbia. “In the case of our dogs, we test them before we put them out on the adoption block. So, you know it’s not the breed of the dog, it’s how you raise it.”

Residents like Amanda Wuysocki, who is a foster pitbull parent, said she felt the need to foster because the breed takes up 95% of shelters.

“This rescue specializes in this and changing the vision and ideas around pit bulls so, I was super excited to apply and get approved as a foster. I’ve been fostering since the pandemic and I’ve fostered 4 dogs with Plenty of Pits.”

According to Plenty of Pitbulls, they said there are still 17 Pitbulls that need a permanent home and they do require those who are interested to fill out an online adoption application to ensure that each pitbull finds a loving and safe home. One resident said the process was smooth.

“From Plenty of Pitbulls, it was easy as can be,” said Michelle Gillespie, who adopted from Plenty of Pitbulls. “It really is a great organization and they have a lot of great dogs available and loving dogs and they take great care of the dogs.”

The organizers say they hope to hold another fundraiser in November.

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