UPDATE: Sexual harassment claims led to Bronson mayor and Levy County School Exec. resigning

Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 6:16 PM EDT
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UPDATE (06/17/19):

We're learning more about the inappropriate behavior that led to the resignation of the Levy County Schools Director of Transportation and the Mayor of Bronson.

Bruce Greenlee was serving in both roles last year when a school system coworker says he sexually harassed her on at least three separate occasions.

He's accused of unwanted touching and attempting to kiss her.

In a statement from colleague and council member Berlon Weeks he said, "I've never had any dealings with him that I didn't have a reason to trust him. I wouldn't do business with him if I didn't trust him. That kind of stuff-- sexual harassment is always a he said she said. And I'm not one to judge, that's up to God and I don't judge people."

This month a Florida Commission on Ethics investigation found that Greenlee abused his position within the Levy County Schools. In that report, Greenlee contends he misread her signals.

Greenlee stepped down from his position at Levy County Schools after these allegations were reported to the superintendent last June.

He stepped down from his position as mayor of Bronson in December, citing personal reasons.

If you would like to read the full ethics report click on our related documents tab on the right side of the article if you're on mobile scroll to the bottom of the article to find the tab.


The state commission on ethics is investigating a former Levy County school district employee accused of inappropriate behavior.

Commission members say they have probable cause to believe former school district transportation director, Bruce Greenlee, acted inappropriately toward a female staffer.

Assistant superintendent John Lott says the allegations came out a year ago and that the school district immediately opened an investigation. Lott says Greenlee resigned shortly afterward, so they handed the investigation off to the state.

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