11 year old girl runs 50k for PACE Center for Girls

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - An 11 year old girl is making a difference in other girls lives, one step at a time. We've brought you the story of Tommie Bost, who runs to raise money for the Pace Center for Girls in Alachua County.

"It felt pretty good running the race knowing that this could really help people," said Bost, who had the idea to raise money for a cause, and she literally ran with it.

On Saturday, Bost ran her first 50k, the Gate2Gate Trail Run at San Felasco Park, benefiting the Friends of San Felasco, and the cause Bost loves, none other than the Pace Center for Girls. She ran the 31 mile stretch alongside her dad, Craig.

"I did get really tired but being with my dad, he's a very motivational person and he's always like lifting you up so he really helped me keep going," Bost said.

"Let's just say that she crossed the finish line all smiles," said Director of Gate2Gate Trail Run Patrick Gallagher.

PACE Executive Director Natalya Bannister said, "She's been using her platform to raise money for our girls who have been traumatized and are using PACE as their next transition in life."

Over the last couple of years, Tommie's dad said she has raised about $20,000 for the PACE program.

"She is our biggest supporter, our littlest biggest supporter, and that's just an inspiration to us all," said Bannister.

Bost said she had the support of her school mates and pace staff. "They would like bang on the drum and say, go Tommie go Tommie!"

At the end, she was given a hat for finishing the race.

"It was one of my favorite moments to put that trucker hat on Tommie's head as an 11 year old girl to finish an ultra-marathon and do it for PACE," Gallagher said.

"I have a few goals one is to get quicker in a shorter distance," said Bost.

Another goal of hers is to run even further.

"She's like how bout after the 50k we do a 50 miler," Gallagher said.

Bosts donations will help the PACE Center expand and build an on-site clinic for the girls.